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West Rapid Fuzzy Logic Profile Controller

West Rapid Fuzzy Logic Profile Controller

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  • PID with Pre-tune and RaPID fuzzy logic, or Manual Tuning. Heat or Heat/Cool, applications
  • Output Configuration Up to 3 total. Max 2 for control (Heat & Cool)- Relay/SSR/D.C. Linear, max 2 for Alarms, max 1 for retransmit PV or SP
  • Human Interface 4 buttons, 10mm & 8mm high LED's, plus run-hold, tune, event & profile/control status LED's, 1/16 DIN size
  • Number of Programs 4, each with 16 free-form segments (Ramp/ Dwell/ End). Max segment length 99 hours 59 minutes
  • Power Loss Recovery Hot (continue profile from point of power fail) or Cold (end profile and return to controller mode)
  • Auto/Manual Selectable from front panel, with bumpless transfer
  • Event/profile active outputs *Delayed start *Remote Start *Guaranteed soak *Modbus RS485 comms *Power fail recovery *PC support software